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What are you Waiting for?

Message in a Bottle #11

Why do we go around, lugging stress and anxiety? Why do we even bother packing it in our vacation luggage? We make sure to take it on every outing, carefully stuffing it in pockets and purses where it clearly doesn’t fit. Some let it wrap around their necks, weighing them down, choking them out. Sometimes (more often than not) we gather up other’s baggage and stress, shoving the heavy rocks in already tearing bags and heaving them over aching shoulders. Our personal favorite? The kind that’s none of our business.

We wear our problems like big fur coats and our sob stories like our favorite colors. It doesn’t make any sense.

But you know that scene, where Frodo is standing on the very edge, ring dangling from the chain in his hand, and stout-hearted Samwise is shouting, “Destroy it!”

Well, it’s kinda like that. Stick with me.

I’ve watched these movies, extended additions and all, countless times, they never get old, but what’s odd is that I can still hear and see new things. And one of the times, the new thing was something Sam says.

He goes, “What are you waiting for? Just let it go!”

Just let it go...

I think we can all agree that this is some of the most valid and sane advice in the whole trilogy. We all ache and scream within our souls with Sam, urging Frodo, to just be done with it at last. And again, collectively gasp when Frodo turns and says a resounding no. We’re shocked that he could come all this way only to give in and keep what has been the literal source to all his troubles and suffering for what? A whole year?

I’m shocked...


I should understand completely, because I’ve done no better. I have my own weighty burden, the only difference is, I wasn’t obligated to carry mine for even a day, and still when I was given the choice to lay that burden down where it couldn’t torment me any more, I said no.

I didn’t realize it until that re-watch, hearing Sam say those words. It was like his sad, confused eyes were staring right at me, asking me, “What are you waiting for?” Pleading for me to “Just let it go.”

You see, it might not be as obvious as the evil in Frodo’s eyes or the twitchy smile playing on his lips, but it’s wrong all the same. To carry a burden we were never meant to shoulder. To cling to torment that isn’t even ours is a fool's errand and leads straight to destruction...nothing else.

We must learn to let it go.

In the end Frodo did the right thing, but it nearly cost him everything, and without Sam there to cling to, he would have given in. Incredibly enough, it is the exact opposite that gets pleaded through gritted teeth moments later as Frodo hangs onto a threadbare lifeline.

“Don’t you let go.”

Samwise the Brave…faithful to the end, even at the very fires of Mordor. His stubborn strength begs his dear friend, please, don’t give up.

And that’s just what we have to do, let go of what we should have never picked up and cling to the hand reaching down to rescue us.

Fair winds, following seas and God bless.



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