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Every Shadow Lifted Characters

Come meet the characters that give life to my books!


The reluctant Princess of Caverna. The capricious, feisty teen. Our protagonist. Our girl. What more is there to say?


This precious boy...

If you don't love him, I advise you get your head checked. But seriously, he's loyal, sensitive, and sweet. And He's Kiara's best friend. Hurt him and I'll send Jasper after you.


The domineering King of Caverna, Kiara's neglectful father. We don't care about him.


Gotta love her. Lucida is Kiara's servant, her favorite servant, more like the big sister she never had. She's always there when Kiara needs a Backlobash opponent and never without a steaming pot of tea.


Forget what I said about Hadyn (not really). Tick is the real treasure that if you harm, there will be consequences. I'm looking at you, Nnyric.

I won't say more, because it's too much fun to discover who he is when you read Forbidden.


We meet Bartholomew pretty early in Forsaken (book 2) How this welsh gentlemen found himself living inside a rock home in the middle of the Amazon is something you'll have to find out for yourself. (Warning: you may want him to adopt you as his grandchild) (Note: he most likely would)


Ya'll know I love Deorc. I dedicated my second book to him. When Kiara and Hadyn stumble upon a trail of blue fire in the forest, Deorc is the first person they meet after following it. He welcomes them to his village (what a gentlemen) and the rest is history.


This fantastic queen is Deorc's flirtatious daughter and the bane of Kiara's entire time in Tykaraijre (Deorc's village). Look, you're gonna read Forsaken and come at me with questions about my descriptions of these two, but I have no answers for you.


My man, Delsin. The amount of sass this man decided to have once his character was finished, is something of an eighth wonder of the world. He's Tykaraijre's blacksmith. Labeled as the village's crazy man, though he might just be the only one with his head on straight.


I feel like you're not gonna believe me if I keep calling these characters precious beans, but there's no way around it. Skipper is an angel, and it's honestly such a shame you don't get to meet him until the last 4th of the book. 


Forgiven (book 3) starts in the village of Py'aoka, where Aaron is the unofficial/official chief. The man has a breathtaking arc in the first half of the book. And even when you don't love him, you love him. Or at least I do. 


This sassy Gypsy is everything to me. Seriously one of my favorite characters I've ever created. We actually meet Suze in Forsaken, but she plays a much bigger part in Forgiven. Without her, Kiara's arc in Forgiven wouldn't work.

I'd tell you to love her as I do, but she'd just get mad at you for doing so. Probably make fun of you too.


Py'aoka doctor, Seb is the first new face we meet in Forgiven. I don't think I can say a bad thing about this man. He's Aaron's best friend and good thing too. God knows he'd be a mess without him.


Talented Painter.

Brave Arokno warrior.

Breathtaking man.

'nuff said.

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