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About The Author

Hi, my name is Ellie and this is my Hideaway

    I am a writer, naturalist, and violinist.

    Here you can read the contents of my curious brain that I can put into words with the tips of my fingers, here on this little keyboard that I call Sting.

    Yes, I love the Lord of the Rings. My siblings and I grew up on it, traipsing around the forests of our backyard, pretending we were in Middle Earth, fighting orcs and eating lembas bread. My younger brother and I were always hobbits because we are a good deal younger than the older three. Now, as we have all grown up, half of my mind still lives there, deep in the heart of Middle Earth.  


    I find repose in ways that are beyond this earth in nature and wildlife. The wonders of the natural world is the second greatest gift God ever gave us next to giving His only son Jesus Christ to die for our dirty, sin-stained souls. No, I’m not afraid to say the name of Jesus Christ. If you spend any time in the Hideaway, you would have found that out sooner than later anyway. 


     My sister is my best friend and my cat is as majestic as a mythical creature! I don’t talk to much of anyone outside of my family and the characters in my books. I’m a hermit to put it simply, but I will always long for that unexpected journey.  


    I like to escape in the pages of a good book. That's one of the reasons I write. Another is, because writing gives me wings to fly all around the world and then some. But the most important reason to me is to share hope and light with anyone out there listening... Or reading.

    Jesus loves you, and He has a plan, a purpose for your life. Please, tell me you believe that. I hope you read my books one day, as long as it takes them to make it out of the Hideaway, through the forest, across the river, and onto shelves and internet sites. It can take a long time to get to civilization from my little place, but I can cut across country well enough.


    With violin, I’ve never liked to do what I’m told. I don’t like much classical music and I never fit into the scene of an orchestra. I find freedom in the bracing wind of a Scottish highland and joy in the down to earth happiness of an Irish reel. I love the emotion of a movie soundtrack... That may or may not be the Lord of the Rings... And I love to be able to play worship music to my Savior, even when I don’t feel comfortable singing out loud.


    Robin Hood enthusiast, punk-rock lover, tree climber, angler with no pallet for actually eating fish, girl who’d rather wear jeans and tennis shoes and go hiking than get dressed up any day, and most of my favorite shows are cartoons. I don’t know what all this says about me, but it’s me.

    Dark chocolate hot chocolate in the icy winter (or just anytime of year) and fresh squeezed lemonade in balmy summer. Fires and swimming. Dancing and singing. I have a hard time wanting to go inside even when it begins to rain on me. I mean, come on! Rainbows and puddles? What could make the day better?

But when the storm clouds last for days, they can get me down and I find myself longing for sunshine that sparkles on freshwater lakes. 

While on a walk in the forest or along the river, everything is magic to me!

The ocean is my long lost other half. I have a saltwater heart that will never stop longing to live near it’s briny waves. 

But when it comes to thinking of leaving the peace and simplicity of home, I can’t help but think I would always want to come back to my Minnesota.


     I’m a lover not a fighter and when the fighting gets too close, you’ll find me here, hiding out.


     Thanks for visiting! If you’d like to personally make my day and become a valued member of the crew, click the link below!

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