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Warden of the Greanwood

Writing Rambles #10

This prompt inspired a little bit of fantasy which I don’t often write, but absolutely love to read. I adore all things dragons and everything an epic fantasy tale has to offer. Fantasy is apart of me, seeing a piece of me practically grew up in Middle Earth and another part in Narnia.

I have to admit, I had watched the Dragon Prince not too long before I wrote this and Rayla was on my mind. I love that show. I remember shipping Rayla and Callum from the very start. I knew they belonged together and Claudia could go get a life and leave him alone.

As always, if you want to join the fun, write your own story off of the promt before you read mine and post it in the fireside room! I’d love to read it!

Prompt: The sun lit up her new gold ring…

The Warden of the Greanwood written July 6, 2019

The sun lit up her new gold ring, a delicate thing, intwining her index finger of her left hand in twisting vines and sharp, little leaves. Salt water sloshing up from the prow of the ship sprayed her face and added to the already uncanny shimmer of the ring. The jewelry appeared as fragile as a rose and yet no matter how hard she tried, she could not remove it.

How it got to reside on her hand, Jade did not know. It was just there when she woke up yesterday morning.

The day after she walked away from her destiny...

The Grean Day Festival was at the peak of its celebrations and the time had come again to choose a new Warden of the Greanwood.

Some would welcome this as an honor. Not Jade. A lifetime of solitude and sole responsibility was not part of her idea of happiness. So when the dryad elders called her name, ready to crown her as their queen, she could not have felt more trapped. So she ran, she ran so fast before they could even spot her. No one was going to decide her destiny for her, especially not for some arbitrary whim of the forest whisper through the tree leaves or how ever the malarkey went.

Jade left home that night with not so much as a goodbye spared for her and boarded the first merchant ship she could, ready to become a part of the crew if that’s what it took to keep her from the forest.

And yet, well out to sea by now with hundreds of miles of open water between her and the Greanwood, here appeared this strange ring, impossible to remove, and it seemed to be growing tighter. No, not just tighter, but higher too. Every time she looked away it seemed to have sprout knew growths, crawling its way up her hand.

Tight enough to be a sufficient annoyance by now, Jade glared at the shiny ring as the sea breeze whipped her dark hair across her face, refusing to believe it had anything to do with her pre-decided destiny. The dryads had only called her name. They hadn’t crowned her yet. Could they really have any hold over her?

Jade tugged at the ring violently now, hot anger behind each pull. She flung her hand back as the sharp leaves sliced through her palm and gawked at the blood pouring from her hand. The ring seemed to tighten some in response to her tugging and the rocking of the boat encouraged her stomach to sicken with the thought of how tight the ring might become.

She had even tried to cut it once, but would have been better off cutting her own finger off, for how great the enchantment was. Now, hands on the ships railing and staring into the endless horizon, she shivered with a dread that it might just come to that.

Thanks for reading!

Your Captain,



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