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Endless Blue

Writing Rambles #18

Not exactly sure where this one came from. It was fun though. I could picture the scene so vividly. Just the wide open freedom of the endless horizon calling a women at a mental crossroads into that freedom, insisting there’s more to life than what she’s known for so long now. As always, if you want to join the fun, write your own story off of the promt before you read mine and post it in the fireside room! I’d love to read it!

Prompt: With her bag clenched against her body, she walked towards...

Endless Blue written October 5, 2019

With her bag clenched against her body, she walked towards...


Endless Blue.

A sky like a flawless expanse of topaze, a fractureless firmament, and the sea, stretching out before her, infinite and powerful. Where one ended and the other started was a mystery she preferred to leave unsolved. The horizon only vaguely marked by the slightest change in the azure plains and a hazy viridian line.

Her steps were hesitant at first, as if she couldn’t decided if she should turn around. The shifting sand beneath her pinching shoes, begged her, even dared her, to slip them off and free her feet along with her soul.

She clutched the bag tighter. Somehow it seemed that everything that mattered to her anymore had found its way into this one bag. The stiff leather smelt like a stuffy room and compared to the fresh ocean tang, it made her wrinkle her nose.

How had it come to this? Where did she go wrong and when had it become too late to turn back? Never had things or positions of high honor been more important than those she loved. And yet here she was and she couldn’t name anyone who cared where she was or what she was doing. Why would they? She had pushed every one of them away. And for what? A job? A chance at an influential life?

She looked at the bag she held so tightly. How could any of that matter if she lost who she was along the way?

A bracing wind whipped off the foamy waves, carrying a call to freedom all the way up the shore until it kissed her cheeks and swept the hair off her face.

Emotion built on a emotion stirred inside her, growing to a force of nature. Like the very waves in the cove, all that tension, all that energy had to crash eventually.

Just as the first salty tear ran off her cheek, she slipped off her right shoe and then the other. The sand found its way between her toes like it was finally home. She thought of running, of tearing through the sand, but knew her tight skirt wouldn’t permit it. She looked about. Chestnut colored cliffs rose on each side of her and not a sound could be heard, save for the lonesome cries of the gulls which somehow worked in her a longing more powerful than any worldly lust. A longing to be free. With a few yanks she tore a slit in both sides of the skirt.

Tears pouring down her face now, she drew a breath and released her grip on the bag, letting it fall to the sand. And without a glance at where it landed, she ran, ran towards the blue, a smile on her face.

Thanks for reading!

Your captain,

Ellie Maureen


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