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Lay Them Down

A Poem

I’d like to say something here, because peace is a friend I’d like to see more often.

And because peace of mind and a peaceful soul are entirely different things. Peace of mind might help you sleep a little better at night. It might be the kind voice of someone, just one person, saying, I believe you. It might let you move about your day without the looming of that oh so familiar dread. More so, peace of mind answers the questions and keeps the fears at bay.

But, a peaceful soul, that goes deeper, a substantial settling more known than felt. It’s the calm after a storm of breaking, the deep sleep after weeping. And a peace of the soul comes after, and only after, you take those fears and lay them down in capable hands, let them take them and chain them to a tree, where they have no power, where they can’t be free.

Ellie Maureen

May 7, 2020


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