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Strawberry Moon

A Poem

I thought I was relatively good at living in the moment. I’m great at living FOR a moment. Moments that I think would be more special than the one I’m in.

Cause the movies always make it look so amazing. Summers spent in the sun and water, last light caught in the hair of our friends that we never seem to lack. There’s never a care, never a worry, itineraries as clear as the blue sky.

Sometimes I’m there, that contentedness. Like this moon rise. And I wish you could have been there too, because not every Strawberry Moon rises as red and ripe as one plucked off the vine. The haze it painted only grew as it rose. Smacking bugs away from my already bit up legs, I can pinpoint where I stood under that moonrise.


I wish I could love “the now” more, stop chasing down core memories and cinematic moments and catch the life I’m living.

Cause I’m done wishing my summer sunshine away for the bright set lights of Hollywood synthesis.

Until I fall for it again…

Ellie Maureen



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