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High Speed Departure

Writing Rambles #11

This prompt inspired something rather sad, opposed to the adventure and travel vibes someone might expected the prompt would inspire.

Something about the sentence seemed so forlorn as if the subject couldn’t do anything but watch as cities flew by without her consent. Like she was helpless to stop this ripping away of her heart from her home…

As always, if you want to join the fun, write your own story off of the promt before you read mine and post it in the fireside room! I’d love to read it!

Prompt: She watched the cities fly by…

High Speed Departure written July 12, 2019

She watched the cities fly by, streaks of light and color blurring in a torrent the chaos already well established there. And as the shuttle left the station and accelerated to its top speed, everything churned together in a messy slop, so Brigitta focused on the raindrops, seemingly riveted to the window, as the train sped away. She placed her arms on the chrome sill, cold to the touch, and rested her head on them, following the raindrops as they rolled across the glass.

She could hear hushed and calm voices in nearby cars, as if elderly or children were aboard taking naps, but not a soul sat immediately near her, and Brigitta was glad for this. This way, no one would see her own contribution to the sky’s sobbing. The salty droplets rolled down her round cheeks and pooled on the silver sill.

Her heart ached as the foreign train raced her further and further away from her only home. She never wanted to be sent away to Dollaway Academy and whenever her parents threatened it, she’d desperately try to shape up. Brigitta didn’t understand, she had been so good of late, but her parents’ minds were made up and would not be swayed. To them, it was perfectly normal. Most families sent their children to Dollaway. It was for their own good and betterment, but to Brigitta, nothing could feel more like abandonment.

She turned around, settling into her white, leather seat, and wiping the tears from her face, she made up her mind to not miss her parents. She grew rather numb after some time, and strangely felt nothing, determined to nap off her sorrow and forget she ever had a family.

Thanks for reading!

Your Captain,



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