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He Called her Cat

Writing Rambles #9

The outcome of this prompt amuses me because I don’t usualy do the love story stuff. I can’t write anything much past middle grade relationships, so I have no idea where all this mushy crap came from. I guess it’s just fun to try something new now and again.

As always, if you want to join the fun, write your own story off of the promt before you read mine and post it in the fireside room! I’d love to read it!

Prompt: Today would decide the rest of her life…

He Called her Cat written June 29, 2019

Today would decide the rest of her life. If she agreed, she’d never be free again and swore she’d never smile again. Her parents could not understand what they were asking her to do, if they did she cursed them and wished their deaths to come swiftly.

Lady Cathrine shifted the white veil on her crown of velvety black curls and glared at her obscured reflection, the storm churning in her stomach beginning to burn furiously.

She could not marry Lord Hector. She could not! Not only did she not love him, she feared him and all of his horrible temper.

She never wanted to be royal and so did not care to marry for standing. She would rather marry her best friend, a sweet farm boy who called her Cat since the day they met when she was five years old.

Will... She thought. And never knew she would think of him that way, but she would! She would marry him!

Her chest tightened as the orchestra started to play. It was time. Her head hurt as the battle field of her mind was drenched with both the blood of her morals and her obligations. Her parents would be utterly crushed. But battles are won one way or another and in the end, she always knew which side would prevail.

Wrenching the veil from her head, she let it fall to the ground, her curls cascading down her back. With a look out the window and across the field to the green wood beyond, she smiled, as she knew she would for every day after that.

Thanks for reading!

Your Captain,



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