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Escapees of the Flames

Writing Rambles #16

This one’s got some SOUE vibes for sure. Also, I changed the title from what I originally named it, because I want to keep that a secret for now. Shhhh!

As always, if you want to join the fun, write your own story off of the promt before you read mine and post it in the fireside room! I’d love to read it!

Prompt: A loud noise disturbed their conversation…

Escapees of the Flames written September 15, 2019

A loud noise disturbed their conversation, their words catching in their throats like a piece of the ruble littering the dark basement room, the cold stone walls bouncing their whispers half a second after they’d hushed.

The great crack, like fracturing mortar and brick, resounded down the building and instinctively the three looked up. Cinder dust fell from the ceiling, illuminated only by their two kerosene lamps.

Bree lowered her eyes to her brother then down to little Elliott. Michael met her gaze with as much terror to match his sisters’.

The siblings thought they would be safe here, but, once again, their clandestine hiding place was found.

A thundering crash and more falling brick dust confirmed their fears.

El whimpered despite brave efforts to keep quite, her black curls coated grey with dust.

Without another word Bree steeled her nerves, limbs already primed with adrenaline and nodded to her brother. Michael scooped his baby sister up without question, and Elliot buried her face in his jacket as they took off at a run. Bree threw open a circular, hatch-like door, watched her brother and sister go through and ducked inside just before chunks of the ceiling gave way, crashing to the floor.

Green eyes blazing in the last light of the lanterns, she wrenched the hatch door behind her and sealed them in the dark.

A hand grasped hers and together the three siblings sped through the pitch tunnel. Rocks from the tunnel roof plunked on their heads and tremors shook their cores. They splashed through the wet passage until finally they reached the end. Micheal set Elliot down and he and Bree gripped the iron ring and yanked on it for all they were worth. A piercing screech argued with them, but the siblings convinced the rusty hatch to open. Grabbing El, they stepped out into brisk night air under a shock of white stars against a velvet sky. The children emerged on the backside of a hill. Hand in hand they summited the rise and looked on the smoldering remains of a crumbled building, sparks flying into the night like escapees from the flames.

Thanks for reading!

Your captain,

Ellie Maureen


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