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Welcome to the Hideaway

A high seas fairing treehouse, just waiting for you to climb aboard and join the adventure!

       The idea of the Hideaway started some time ago, born out of the longing to create a space, imaginary but still quite tangible in some incredible way. This is a place for me as much as it is for you. The Hideaway is anywhere and everywhere I write, or you read. From my website to my stories, it’s all little pieces of the Hideaway. I like to think of this place just like a treehouse, shaped like an old ship, one with big white sails, masts, and riggings. It’s safe, up in the high boughs of some ancient oak tree in the middle of an old wood forest that grew from saplings in a age out of time and space, cozily furnished with chairs for all of you to sit in!

       So go ahead and explore, mate, and maybe consider joining the crew of the S.S. Hideaway and joining me in the Fireside Room for a chat!

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Hi, my name is Ellie, and this is my Hideaway.

I'm a writer, naturalist and violinist. I like to escape in the pages of a good book. That's one of the reasons I write. Another is, because writing gives me wings to fly all around the world and then some. But the most important reason to me is to share hope and light with anyone out there listening... Or reading...

Join The Crew of a high seas-sailing treehouse!


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