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Hole in the Wall

Writing Rambles #5

Here's a long one! And its still one of my favorite Writing Rambles to this day. It was one of those magical moments when the story just flowed out! I hope you enjoy reading it even a fraction as much as I enjoyed writing it!

If you want to join the fun, write your own story off the prompt before you read mine and post it in the Fireside Room!

Prompt: It was the city where he grew up…

The Hole in the Wall Written June 1, 2019 It was the city where he grew up, but he wasn’t happy being back. Lyla drove into the parking lot of that same hole in the wall joint he used to haunt with his “buddies.” And it was all Chad could do but stare at the flickering neon open sign, the same old letters still burnt out. He had never dreamed she would bring him here. That this would be her pick for her turn in the game they played. He wanted to be angry with her, but how could she have known? Lyla hopped out of the car swinging her bouncy, brown bob about her shoulders. She skipped to his side of the car and opened the door. “You comin’?” She cocked her head. “Chad, are you alright?” He peeled his eyes off the disheveled building and looked at her, her fine brows arched in concern. The mist faded from his eyes and he smiled. “Yeah… yeah I’m great.” The playful light returned to her green eyes. “Great!” She pulled him from the car by his hand. “Isn’t this place amazing! So eclectic! So viby!” Chad was staring at the building again. “Chad?” “What? Oh yeah... It sure has some sort of vibe…” Lyla slipped to the door and gave it a tug. “It sticks. You have to really pull on it.” Lyla tried again, with a little more force. It gave out and she stumbled back. “Huh… Thanks. Wait have you been here before?” When the door swung wide the music that poured out was that same, sorry blues from all those years ago. The sour smell of spilt bear and old hardwood floors made Lyla wrinkle her nose, but not Chad. To him it smelt like home, but not everybody thinks of their home very fondly. “Uh, yeah… About that, Ly…” “Oh, come on! I thought for sure I had finally found a place you had never been!” “Well I have. So it doesn’t really work for the game. We should probably just go.” “Now, hold on. I’ve never been here and we can still have fun.” She held the door and he gave an uneasy glance inside. He couldn’t go in there. If he went in there, she’d be sure to find out everything. “Truth is…" he began. "Truth is, this place sucks. It’s just awful.” She smirked. “It’s not like we haven’t been in that kind of situation before.” “Sure, but-“ “Kyle?” A sketchy character with chin length, ratted, blond hair stepped onto the sidewalk. “Chad Kyle?” His words were slurred. Chad sighed and turned around. “Steve.” “How long has it been, man?” “Not long enough.” Lyla laughed nervously. “But your name is Stanton, Chad Stanton.” “Oh is that what he told you?” the shaggy dude said. “Gone and tried to get yourself a shiny new life, huh? Now, just how long did you think that was gonna last? You got a lot a nerve showing up here.” “Actually we were just leaving, so-“ “No, I insist. I’d very much like to hear how you got this new name and such a pretty friend.” Lyla looked disbelieving at the guy who, only moments ago she thought she knew so well, but he only gave her a sad look.

Thanks for reading!

Your Captain,



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